Mummification bondage art. Part I

Somehow the subject of mummification bondage slipped out of my attention. Personally I don’t like these “hospital-like cotton stripes”, but you can use other forms of mummification, right?

My favourite “dream” is to be “swallowed” by a tight slippery latex “funnel”, like on one of the images below. What do you prefer? Pantyhose encasement? Saran wrap? Sticky tape?

20 pictured below.

2 thoughts on “Mummification bondage art. Part I”

  1. What do I want?

    In order:

    Pantyhose – done it, loved it! The best 🙂
    Saran wrap/cling film – done it, loved it! Very difficult to self encase, but amazing feeling. Can’t do a 100% self bondage in it though.
    Lycra – done it, loved it. Compromise on tightness when used for SB, but very slinky!
    Duct/Duck/Gaffa/Parcel Tape – want to do this over all my body, only toes to waist so far. Cost is an issue – used once and thrown away at up to £3 a roll it is expensive.
    Vet wrap – would love to try, but expensive to buy (is it reusable?)
    Latex – oh my wouldn’t I love to try that but the cost again… sigh!


  2. Vet wrap is stretchy and yes it is reusable its like the ace bandages you wrap on a twisted ankle

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