Trapped in a stocking

Did you ever imagine yourself trapped in a giant stocking?

See the latex version here: The art of latex encasement and here Latex zentai dress and suspension bondage

Photo by Yannis Kelemenis

3 thoughts on “Trapped in a stocking”

  1. wow. And I thought that I was so alone in MY childhood selfbondage-in-tights experiences. I’ve really “struggled” a long time as I (yes, really) never wanted to hurt God’s heart, but I also got hooked on the “unusual”, deep, yet not-necessarily pornographic OR self-destructive lifestyle of simple self bondage in tights at a very early age. Being bound and/or cocooned definitely feels so comforting, and really seems to transcend all the other “heavy” and “rough” kinds of fetish. ‘Very interesting. How many young children get into this ?

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