Latex zentai dress and suspension bondage

Bound and hung upside down in a latex zentai dressFinally, I found the photo I mentioned in this post.
Definitely not recommended for long time and solo play, but I definitely want to try that.

Absolute helplessness! Imagine this position combined with enema 😉

14 thoughts on “Latex zentai dress and suspension bondage”

  1. Great find Ra!

    I remember this set and once had the video to go with it – that was until a certa ISP decided to delete me. No warning, no apologies, no way back… and not alone in having it happen to me!

    Brilliant imagery – even if it’s not self-bondage it can still inspire! :-))


  2. Sweet! That suspension looks like a lot of fun. Nice find, Madjack.

  3. i actually been hung upside down just like that and had the enama and OMG greatest feeling in the world i was left actually in that position for about 2 hours cuz my master decided to leave me like that to punish me for disobedience. until i could learn to be obedient and i would be like that everyday for 2 hour and be forced to hold in the enema the whole time each time also. took me a little while but i am obedient now.

  4. 2 hours upside down? I should say it’s extremely dangerous…

    Our doctors here could you please chime in?

  5. Hmmm… having some scary thoughts!

    I’m no doctor, but I have read up on this sort of experience…. because I really wanted to try it and it sounded very, very exciting.

    My findings:

    1) just being upside down for so long can have some nasty side effects (haemorrhage of the eye seems to be a common one)

    2) the pressure and flow of fluids in the ‘wrong’ direction will put stress on your internal organs (intestine, liver, kidneys, etc) – this is a bad thing if it lasts too long

    3) if you have a very bad reaction (my research suggests strokes and even heart attacks are possible…eeek!)then you are in real trouble and will need immediate help

    4) And finally… it’s a self bondage ‘no-no’ – if something does go wrong (even if it’s just very painful cramps) you’re possibly stuck for a loooong time

    So, for me at least, it remains a fantasy that I know I’ll never fulfil – but it is a fantasy all the same


  6. If someones interested…

    The scene from Insex is the one titled

    “1016 in rubber”

    Greets, JtR

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