Mummification bondage using a jacket with a hood

You do not have to have a room full of fetish-latex-leather-pvc-bondage-clothes-and-other-items to make a perfectly fetish bondage photo. A jacket with a hood, latex-like leggings and a piece of rope. That’s it… And what a result…

And I bet some of you bound yourself in coats or jackets with hoods. At least I did when I was a kid 😉

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  1. For a better feel good to have her bra and socks /or somethink/ in it. The rope then makes beautiful shapes. Get ready for wet, hot, hard breath. On back of your head have hood hole /usually for face/ If you have wig, you can take it there….like a tail.


    Like Ra: Aha, this is where the photo is originated!
    3 hours ago
    Svetlana Mullerova: I am glad that you chose it for your blog
    2 hours ago
    Like Ra: Is it you on the photo?
    about an hour ago
    Svetlana Mullerova: Yes that´s me – is photo from this monday 🙂 I thought you knew
    about an hour ago
    Like Ra: Aha! No I did not know. I found the photo somewhere on the Inet. Not even here.
    Great photo!
    10 minutes ago

  3. I prefer the rope underneath the jacket, not using the sleeves, and free face instead, because it takes a while to get out of it and the hood of the jacket I use is quite airtight. It is quite difficult to get into the jacket when tied up, but that is part of the fun and I can even manage to close the zipper. I do this for fun, not for photo sessions. But indeed, the rope outside looks nice.

  4. I very much enjoy using jackets to make bondage more restrictive. A thin nylon windbreaker with a hood makes a very effective blindfold when it is worn backwards, and depending on the fabric, can vary from mildly stuffy to nearly breathless.

    Because the hood can be tied, it is much harder for the submissive to dislodge than a regular blindfold.

    One of the most severe “bondage jackets” I have come across was a very inexpensive rain jacket; it is made of plastic-coated nylon. Once the hood is over your face, well, you’re encouraged to not do any exercise, for sure! Not a toy for self-bondage.

  5. We used to use our jackets like straitjackets. Arms inside and on backwards. A belt around the middle and it’s hard to get out of. Add the hood for better effect. We used more than 1 jacket at a time.

  6. A hooded parka can be easily converted to a strait-jacket, by attaching two halves of a leather belt to the cuffs. Also, substitute fine chain for the hood draw-cords, and you can lock the hood in place, either backwards, or normally, scrunched down to about a one inch hole, which is ideal for fellatio or face-fucking. Works for self-bondage too, without the sleeve straps. Leave yourself the 1″ hole, after you have mailed the key to yourself! Just don’t forget about a public holiday/3day weekend, like I did! I go to bed like this every night, and my wife likes my compliant company, gagged, and all goodies available! Her boyfriend loves the 1″ hole, and the anonymity, which means I never have and never will actually see him, and wouldn’t recognize him if we met somewhere! A nice touch is the addition of a(size large) Russian Army gas-mask, stretched tight over the hood, with a valve epoxyed into the cannister socket, which can be closed via an Allen key, which she wears on a gold chain round her neck, enjoying being able to ration my air supply, knowing I can’t readjust it! Did I mention she has a cruel streak a yard wide? I love it, and her, beyond words…she and her “friend” also enjoy trussing me up in a rubber-lined body-bag, and making love on the bed right beside me! They have no plans for me ever to meet him……

  7. My wife and I have used regular (now old) hooded rubber raincoats for self bondage and bondage play. Turn one inside out and put it on her backwards, zippered up as high as possible. Put another on on her backwards over the first so she’s wearing rubber inside and out. Bind her arms together behind her back (anything you have around, rubber or leather belts, straps, even saran wrap)then lay her down, pull the hoods over her head and tie them off. Fantastic breath control, hot, sweaty great orgasms.
    Then she’ll do the same for me. It’s great when the straitjackets aren’t available, and much easier with customs.

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