Crazy fashion: latex catsuit + fur +

 Алена Османова Alyona Osmanova in latex catsuit and fur+ “pony-girl boots” by Antonio Berardi (horseshoes are definitely missing here).

As I wrote in Mahret’s diary the fashion industry is out of fresh ideas, the amount of fashion houses is shrinking, even Russian people (the crisis is everywhere) begin to spend less on fashion items. Practicality, durability and good price/quality ratio vs. epatage, the latest crazy priced ultra fashionable stuff, big labels and shiny glamour magazines. The first easily wins, what makes the not-happy Big Fashion Names invent something (though, not revolutionary) “new” every season.

What can be less practical than a latex catsuit? Probably those heel-less fetish-comics-like pony-girl boots (Victoria Beckham was spotted wearing them). On the other hand, the designers managed to keep latex and fur in natural harmony and create a jaw-dropping utterly fetish and at the same time nearly perfect looking and tranquil (strange combination of extremely sexual latex and tranquility, isn’t it?) … style(?) image(?)

And yes, please more such clothes to the streets 😉

Model: Alyona Osmanova (Алена Османова)
Latex catsuit: Skin Two
Boots: Antonio Berardi
Publication: 10 Magazine
Thanks to: Mahret, Supreme Management

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