Latex style for men

Found this photo on FB (then on Syren web-site). I like this latex style. Simple, liquid, usual, skin tight, minimalistic, erotic and for every day. (If you’re curious, there are some Syren latex items on eBay).

Not related to the photo. I wonder what will happen with their production line after Abigail Greydanus departure.

2 thoughts on “Latex style for men”

  1. I want somebody to take me in and make me a female slut by putting me into bondage latex with a deep throat mask hi heels wig etc … And a shot of femal hormones and possibly some real fake tittle implants . I have cash , and I was wondering if there is such a place where I can pay to have this done to me ???

  2. There has to be a place where I can go to be forcefully femalize in bondage . Somewhere where I can have my body and head shaved and a wig glued on makeup lockable cloths and heels and get penatrated from behind and make me suck cock all day . I have the cash if anyone knows of such a place?????

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