How to dress up for a formal swimming pool party

transparent latex stockings back seams gloves high heels fetish fashionImagine that you are invited on a formal party/event with a swimming pool. What to wear? Here’s an answer.

Latex gloves, transparent latex stockings with back seams, latex swimsuit and, of course, high heels. This outfit would look much more formal and elegant than, say, a flowery swimsuit with a pareo.

And latex does not get wet. You will not leave wet spots after swimming – a towel will make your clothes dry in a dozen of seconds.

If you think that this suit will leave too much “open skin” and that might not be accepted on some official events, check this variant and feel free to add matching accesories.

And…. please, do not smoke…

From André de Plessel – “I Smoke: The spirit of smoking”

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