Self-bondage gone wrong or once more about the safety

Using a candle as a time-release is a well-known method. See, for example, this post.

What do you think might go wrong here?

  • the candle falls down and starts the fire
  • the string will not burn
  • you may fell off the bed and not be able to get back to pick up the keys or the knife
  • see the video below

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One thought on “Self-bondage gone wrong or once more about the safety”

  1. Hi Ra

    Ha! The old candle and string release, which always ‘goes wrong’ in stories or this type of video (which is very good in every other respect!).

    Personally it’s a ‘no-no’ in my escape plans – far too much risk (fire – whilst helplessly bound? NO THANKS!).

    It may be possible to use it as a risky release, backed up by a later fool-proof one, in a safe environment, something like a concrete floored celler or garage?

    I could also see a use (same location!) as a challange to a self-bondage (ice cube release) scenario – maybe you could have to try and blown the candle out before it released the enema? (might be fun if you are bound and gagged on the floor some distance away?)

    Personally I would still prefer something much safer – I enjoy life too much 🙂


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