DoYeah – New shiny pantyhose line for men

doyeah - man in shiny pantyhoseUpdate: Nov 26 @ 00:47

Found a shop on eBay which has DoYeah pantyhose for men. Click on the link, scroll down and click on “Shop our Mens Wear”. The photos and descriptions are exactly the same as on the DoYeah website, however they removed all logos and do not mention the manufacturer. I wonder why. To hide the country of origin under the shop name “France Lingerie”. Actually, it does not say “French lingerie”…

Oh, and another thing – one size fits all. Mmmm…. Didn’t notice that before.

Posted on January 23, 2009 @ 13:21

Chinese manufacturer DoYeah came to the market with three models for men (can be bought here):

  • Cool Men Opening 10 (86% nylon, 12% elastane, 2%cotton)
  • Warm Men Opening 80D (87% nylon, 13% elastane)
  • Cool Men Trunk 10 (86% nylon, 12% elastane, 2%cotton)

They are sheer to waist, available in two colours: black and skin. According to the tests, the thin ones (10den!) are almost invisible, very slippery, very shiny (glass shine), barely noticeable, durable and totally unmissable

What I noticed on the photos (17 photos below):

  • the black ones are mat
  • the skin coloured are indeed very shiny
  • the 80D pantyhose feature reinforced strips to lift your bums up
  • the fly is a useless thing, not worthy both money and attention
  • even the trunk is better and more functional than the fly
  • they look cool on the photos
  • you have to shave your legs!!! (see  post1 and post2)
  • I will keep buying womens pantyhose

9 thoughts on “DoYeah – New shiny pantyhose line for men”

  1. Great Pictures and Info.
    Thanks for showing us.

    Best Regards and keep up with your great webpage
    and blog.

    Holger from Germany

  2. I like those 10 denier ones. Thanks for showing these. If they feel as good as they look it must be awesome to wear them.

  3. Thanks for sharing this. Seems like finally some manufacturers are starting to get it right how to make pantyhose for men. I agree with you, I like that look of the 10 denier ones too. Beautiful shine and wonderfully sheer. Must be great to wear. Has anyone tried them? I would love to try them. Where can one get them? Btw, I looked up the Doyeah website, there is some more nice and interesting stuff there.
    And I like your website. Interesting and informative. Keep up the good work!

  4. Thanks much Collant!
    I saw doyeah pantyhose on eBay (the link above) but apparently everything is sold out at the moment.

  5. don’t buy mens tights or pantyhose cause they only come in drab colors just like mens clothing

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