If I were a girl…. I would wear …

transparent latex stockings high heelsI already wear shiny transparent pantyhose (see My pantyhose style), swimsuits, latex underwear. It should be something completely “inappropriate for men” …

If I were a girl I would wear transparent latex stockings (the only problem with transparent latex is air bubbles) with and without back seam, black shiny latex tights, black fishnets and high heels (no, not very often, too dangerous and uncomfortable 😉

What about you?

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2 thoughts on “If I were a girl…. I would wear …”

  1. I would wear latex stockings (black), high heels, latex underwear and tight clothes (:

  2. madboy ” wrote:

    latex underwear

    Something you can wear without switching to the “female mode” 😉 Nobody can see it, anyway.

    madboy ” wrote:

    tight clothes

    Typical sport attire. See /blog/wp/archives/4090 and /blog/wp/archives/5914

    But for the non-sport case… Yeah, difficult…

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