The idea to come up with a bunch of short and simple self-bondage scenarios naturally and logically appeared from the following:

  • In the nearest future might have a house just for myself for several weeks
  • Long serious “heavy loaded” self-bondage sessions require a lot of time and energy to prepare, implement and then clean up
  • Simple, short sessions (10-20min) can be enjoyed several times during the day
  • Such sessions can be combined with other activities
  • Sometimes you have the house/room/hotel/office only for a couple of hours

Some requirements:

  • Preferably inescapable, but if you have a crowded house and only 20-25 minutes of privacy in the bathroom, then it’s up to you ;-)
  • The preparation time should not be longer than 30min (including putting your favourite clothes on and tying yourself up)
  • As much as possible must be kept prepared (e.g. all ropes are pre-measured and neatly coiled up)
  • It’s better to use the clothes you can wear during the day as your home outfit or under your normal attire (to hide from others).

    To give you some example. It’s unlikely that even if you’re alone you walk around is a heavy rubber suit. But pantyhose and a swimsuit, a catsuit or even a zentai suit with the hood not on will unlikely hinder your daily activities

  • Since the time is relatively short, the scenarios may contain strenuous positions
  • The scenarios must be doable!
  • Safety first!
  • As always, It would be nice to have a report with photos ;-)

Post your ideas here as comments or in this forum thread: Short and simple self-bondage scenarios