You know that I’m attracted to erected cocks, don’t you? Oh… How not to love those gorgeous pulsing rigid shafts staring at you with one eye, glistening with precum and lube, following your every movement, ready to penetrate and fill all your orifices and cover all your body with buckets of thick slippery gooey liquid smelling like a fresh watermelon or mountain snow?

Or imagine them covered in overly tight shiny latex or transparent pantyhose? Especially latex sheaths overstretched from the inside by the rods of pleasure. Hey, see the 18 photos below!

Sorry, that’s my imagination again… Yeah, you see, right? OK, let’s check the list of perversions and deviations for something suitable…

Phallophilia (from the Greek φαλλόςis, phallus, and φιλíα, philia) is a paraphilia involving sexual attraction to large penises,

So far so good…

describing arousal by a penis of extraordinary dimensions or endurance.
Symptoms of Phallophilia: sexual interest in unusually large erect penis, namely gargantuan.

Errrmm…. Gargantuan penises? How big are they? What do I do with gargantuan penises? They are more suitable for producing those buckets of sperm or hammereing… Fun, but in real life…. Nah… see the comments to What is the size of your cock? Or deep throat gags. Part II. Whatever I can imagine, I can’t open my mouth wider than 42mm and even this size was way too big for the opposite entrance.

So, no… 4x17cm is something I would definitely like to try (close t my deep-throat record), but not bigger. No, I do not want to be ripped apart.

That means… I’m not a phallophile. What about spermophilia? Not again. According to the definition, spermophilia is about germs, not sperm. And that means… I’m not a pervert (so far)! :-D

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