Flight attendants and shiny pantyhose

stewardesses in shiny pantyhoseStewardesses must wear pantyhose. This is required by the dress code. The colour of pantyhose is also declared by the contract. But I bet the “shinyness” is not there. This is something what flight attendants can choose.

And fortunately they choose shiny pantyhose! Isn’t that’s why some fetishists go to the airports from time to time, when the weather (or the country) is not pantyhose-skirt-friendly? ;-P

10 photos below.

4 thoughts on “Flight attendants and shiny pantyhose”

  1. I love flying and the stewardesses add so much to it!

    Personal favorite is Malaysia Airlines

    Shame that climate change and the impending fuel crisis are probably going to put an end to flying for any but the ultra-rich


  2. yes! i just went on a college hunting trip and did a bunch of flights, and there were a ton of flight attendants in tights and pantyhose

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