Shiny wetlook leotards. Shininess vs tightness. Part I

shiny leotard, pantyhose and high heelsShiny leotards.” Sounds nice. Please pass me one. “Shiny wetlook latex-like leotards”. Even more interesting. Give me two. But stop… I like how shiny the material is. It’s probably even more glossy than polished latex. But what about wrinkles? Will it keep the form? Will it follow the curves?

If you look at these pictures (16 below), not quite. But still looks nice 😉

4 thoughts on “Shiny wetlook leotards. Shininess vs tightness. Part I”

  1. Excellent photo set!

    I can see that the ‘shiny’ Vs ‘tight’ argument is probably down to personal prefernce.

    For me it’s ‘tight’ every time!

    So in this picture what I see is a beautiful girl, with great legs, clad in gorgeous pantyhose (favorite colour!), let down by a wrinkled top… but still a GREAT PHOTO!


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