RiK, his pantyhose and his high heels. Part V

Men in pantyhose and high heelsSee the previous parts here.

RiK has bought new high heeled shoes and is playing with several pantyhose layers. Of course, he was asked for “full length” photos. His answer was exactly what stops me (one of the reasons) from visiting fetish parties or publishing my photos: You have to think about the rest of the clothes. What can stiletto heels and pantyhose be worn with? Tight mini-dress? Jeans or shorts and a t-shirt?

Yes, we can borrow “women” clothes. That would solve the first problem, but will spawn two more: how not to look ridiculous and how not to look like a “typical transvestite” (what means, unfortunately, mmm… yes, ridiculous… sorry … ).

Three example here:

Any more examples?

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17 photos below.

2 thoughts on “RiK, his pantyhose and his high heels. Part V”

  1. I think when taking photos heels , hose and a mini skirt or mini dress gives the hose the full fashion look heres a photo of me wearing think its a great fashion look


  2. guess not many come here to bad I love reading blogs and forums about others wearing in a correct way. I always wear at home and under my pants when out


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