Reflections or … what if …

“Men in pantyhose”, “men in skirts”, “men on high heels” – these subjects often arise in various related or not related forums. Many (too many, I would say) think that it would look disgusting, and they would never… etc.

If I were “they”, I wouldn’t be so sure…

4 thoughts on “Reflections or … what if …”

  1. To be honest, this picture looks silly to me but it is a nice fake :). I do think that the male wardrobe is extremely restricted (in the bad sense) and would benefit from more variations. Why not decorate men with beautiful garments, jewellery and makeup? But a man is a man and a woman is a women, they both deserve individual enhancements. Actually, that is what fashion designers aim for, just, they often stick with what sold before. However, sometimes men presenting female clothing on a catwalk professionally, look amazingly good and that proves that there is a lot of potential (ok, these men are usually slim and a bit androgyn but most women don’t look like professional models either).

  2. Each time I come to this web site, I stop to see this picture. Makes you wonder… what if!? My legs are not that nice and sexy but I wish they were. I would love to wear nice shoes and those tights but I cannot.

    Not sure why but this picture really does have a strong point and you cannot just ignore it. After all, they are only cloths, why men cannot wear them… I will keep on dreaming until I get old and die. Maybe by then things will change and I will curse my life that I did not live longer to enjoy it.

  3. Joe ” wrote:

    but I cannot

    Actually, you can. Don’t wait
    Joe ” wrote:

    until I get old and die

    “Just do it!”

    Life is too short. Do it while you still can.

  4. wear at home naturally cause of public opinion. But I can wear under my pants when out when home that’s different or cutting my grass with hose and shorts.


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