A man in latex stockings and heels remains a man

man in transparent latex stockings and high heelsMy favourite latex supplier and “inspirator” SimonO (unfortunately, no affiliation) came up with a new product line for men.

Look at the pics. His name is Dave and he’s from a model agency called “Divine Events“. This is easily the first time I envy (in a good way) someone’s body (will definitely need to work more on mine!)

I still read in many forums that stockings, pantyhose or any “women’s” clothes (ha-ha! stockings and tights were always men’s clothes, women stole them from us ;-D ) convert a man into a … let’s say… not a man. What a nonsense! I would say that tight fragile transparent latex and high heels multiply Dave’s masculinity! And complement his perfect body.

Another thing. Look at his legs in transparent stockings. See? No annoying air bubbles. HOW!!!???

6 thoughts on “A man in latex stockings and heels remains a man”

  1. Wow! That’s edgy — in a delightful way. Those photos could create a storm in at least a dozen communities — feminists, right wingers, frat houses, LGBT, …

    That art takes a bunch of stereotypes for a wild ride.

    Great photographer, too.

    Thanks, Ra.

  2. They have lots of funny latex stuff. Currently I have pantyhose with piss condom, condom hood, chlorinated gloves. Also I had transparent latex back-seamed stockings but they fell apart (there was something wrong with the glue) and I sent them back.

    Will buy more. Already put into the shopping basket. Need to check it once more.

  3. But he looks absoutely devine. Would be nice to see his errection in a pair of latex sheath briefs!

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