Shiny pantyhose or how to proper wear shiny leggings

Man in wetlook shiny leggings shiny pantyhose miniskirt and high-heelsOne photo – and so much to think about and look at.

Let’s see here:

  • The only proper way to wear leggings is with pantyhose underneath
  • Wetlook, shiny or latex leggings looks good with any outfit
  • Shiny pantyhose complement any outfit especially shiny leggings
  • It does not matter who wears mini skirts, pantyhose or high heels. Proper clothes look good on anybody (considering that anybody looks good as well 😉

See also “Men in tights. One step further“.

2 thoughts on “Shiny pantyhose or how to proper wear shiny leggings”

  1. is my glossy leggings and heels love them plus I have glossy tights to love glossy


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