Provider outage. The site was down

The server was rebooted 20 min ago. The site was inaccessible 30min before and from some locations after.

More reliable and fast BusinessPlan costs 5 times more, though …

4 thoughts on “Provider outage. The site was down”

  1. it’s the first outage for me since a couple of months, I think it’s okay and it’s not nessisary to get a igger/business plan 😉

  2. Unfortunately, it was not the first time for me 🙁 Also, “very shared” environment means very dependable load. If someone screws up or overloads mysql database, the rest will be also screwed up.

    And since I’ve decided to move to WordPress/MyBB solutions almost completely, that makes me very vulnerable. The site is already too slow because of the DB overload.

    Anyway, off to make a backup again.

  3. I think it’s okay (for me) if the blog is down for a few minutes per month

    hey, it’s a hobby and spare-time-project, you don’t earn any money with it(besides the ads) so relax, nobody would blame you to invest 4 times more money for this project 😉

    i know, outages are annoying for both, the provider and the customer/user of the page but there should be a good realtion between the costs and the benefit of the project 🙂

  4. Absolutely true, but, you know, I’m a sort of perfectionist, and downtimes/slowness (apart from being annoying) does impact search engine ranks.

    Anyway, time to upload something 😉

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