Stumbled upon on eBay. Shiny leotards and shiny swimsuits

Found four shops on eBay:

    Buboaol – shiny catsuits, zentai, bondage sleep sacks

  • bobsangelcat – shiny leotards, catsuits, semitransparent and water-polo swimsuits (properly modelled with shiny pantyhose)
  • farfalinadesign – factory direct shiny gymnastics, dance leotard and swimsuits
  • modelling4fun – shiny leotards (even with a zipper), unitards, zentai suits.

See sample photos below

4 thoughts on “Stumbled upon on eBay. Shiny leotards and shiny swimsuits”

  1. I have that silver one. Very nice and a good fit.
    I would like to have that matelic belted one too.

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