Fetishes, fetishes… Or anti-latex and mohair zentai

mohair-04  multilayered woolen zentaiIt’s not a secret that virtually anything can become a fetish for someone. Just out of curiosity, can you ask around what comes first to their mind when they hear the word “fetish”? There are several possible questions, for example:

  1. What is you fetish?
  2. What are you first associations with this word?
  3. What do you think the most known or popular fetishes?

Or something like that. I bet the top fetishes (question 3) will be (in no particular order):

  • money
  • cars
  • legs
  • breast
  • hair
  • buttocks
  • leather
  • fur
  • uniforms (military, school, nuns, flight attendants, etc)
  • high heels
  • nylons (stockings, pantyhose, tights)
  • lycra (catsuits, swimsuits, leotards, just tight clothes)
  • latex

But what about something completely different? What would be the latex antipode?

Wool! Mohair! And this is what I found. Mohair multilayered zentai.

8 thoughts on “Fetishes, fetishes… Or anti-latex and mohair zentai”

  1. Brilliant! I use your site as inspiration but this is the stuff that keeps me going… or, more to the point, keeps me from moving. Whatever, thank you!

  2. To be honest, I can’t stand wool. At all. Unless it’s well padded with cotton. The last (black & white) photo is OK, but still extremely itchy and scratchy…

    Anyway, this stuff is a good example and illustration. People are so different… People are so similar… ;-D

  3. Wow!!! Great pictures, this is my fetish, heavy mohair outfits is incredible erotic for me to se on any woman. All women become so cute and feminine dressed like that, HO HA!

  4. To make love completly dressed & muffled in very hairy brushed mohair with a same engulfed mohair lover is all I need. Any one interested can contact me of course!

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