mohair-04  multilayered woolen zentaiIt’s not a secret that virtually anything can become a fetish for someone. Just out of curiosity, can you ask around what comes first to their mind when they hear the word “fetish”? There are several possible questions, for example:

  1. What is you fetish?
  2. What are you first associations with this word?
  3. What do you think the most known or popular fetishes?

Or something like that. I bet the top fetishes (question 3) will be (in no particular order):

  • money
  • cars
  • legs
  • breast
  • hair
  • buttocks
  • leather
  • fur
  • uniforms (military, school, nuns, flight attendants, etc)
  • high heels
  • nylons (stockings, pantyhose, tights)
  • lycra (catsuits, swimsuits, leotards, just tight clothes)
  • latex

But what about something completely different? What would be the latex antipode?

Wool! Mohair! And this is what I found. Mohair multilayered zentai.