Fetishes, swimsuits and swimming

Swimsuits are for swimming, right? You put a swimsuit on, walk, talk, play, then go to the water, swim, play, talk, swim, then go out of the water, walk, talk, play, repeat the last steps minus the first one, then go back, take the swimsuit off and put your usual clothes on.

Now, what happens if you take “the water” out of the sequence? Pretty much nothing. You just replace your usual clothes with a swimsuit and use the swimsuit as your usual clothes while walking, talking, playing etc.

So, who cares about swimming if you have such wonderful swimsuits as TTD has? From left to right:

  1. Essenuoto metallic black/silver
  2. Olympia very shiny black suit
  3. Speedo colored aquasuit first series mid nineties
  4. Speedo hologram
  5. Danskin frontzipped (“The whole world is a stage”…)
  6. Arena frontzipped
  7. Speedo hydrasuit first generatin S2000 polyester/lycra (I wore a similar looking suit in this series)
  8. Speedo waterpolo swimsuit blue/black
  9. Speedo hydrasuit multicolor

Thanks much to TTD!

3 thoughts on “Fetishes, swimsuits and swimming”

  1. Awesome collection. I have a few of those and love wearing them whenever and whereever i can / dare

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