I haven’t tried that, so please treat this article as a selfbondage idea and brain dump only.

The idea is to use a wooden block to stand upon, fasten or hook up yourself to a stationary object then step off the block. The height of the block should be just enough to prevent “unhooking” even if you stand on tiptoes. Nothing sophisticated at first sight. Two problems:

  1. How not to hurt yourself
  2. How to get out

#1. The ideal height, length, thickness, duration, etc can be figured out with thorough testing. The links between you and the stationary object must not prevent blood circulation, must not strangle you, must not cut you and must support you weight should you lose balance.

#2. All possible ice-based locks can be used. However they must be tested – see #1. The ice locks can be used as the links to the stationary objects. Ice melts down – you are free to go.

This is how Peter D (peterd.de, peterd.com, or you can follow the story here) sees the whole process:

Some notes:

  1. I don’t think the spreader bar is needed here. You will not be able to bring your legs together anyway.
  2. The butt plug should be inserted before the harness was put on
  3. Hanging is not necessary (though more interesting). You can step down the blocks and stand on the floor, but the hooks must be out of reach.

And this is a corresponding video showing that it can be done. NO release mechanisms, though.