Using your own weight to trap yourself in self-bondage. Version I

I haven’t tried that, so please treat this article as a selfbondage idea and brain dump only.

The idea is to use a wooden block to stand upon, fasten or hook up yourself to a stationary object then step off the block. The height of the block should be just enough to prevent “unhooking” even if you stand on tiptoes. Nothing sophisticated at first sight. Two problems:

  1. How not to hurt yourself
  2. How to get out

#1. The ideal height, length, thickness, duration, etc can be figured out with thorough testing. The links between you and the stationary object must not prevent blood circulation, must not strangle you, must not cut you and must support you weight should you lose balance.

#2. All possible ice-based locks can be used. However they must be tested – see #1. The ice locks can be used as the links to the stationary objects. Ice melts down – you are free to go.

This is how Peter D (,, or you can follow the story here) sees the whole process:

Some notes:

  1. I don’t think the spreader bar is needed here. You will not be able to bring your legs together anyway.
  2. The butt plug should be inserted before the harness was put on
  3. Hanging is not necessary (though more interesting). You can step down the blocks and stand on the floor, but the hooks must be out of reach.

And this is a corresponding video showing that it can be done. NO release mechanisms, though.

30 thoughts on “Using your own weight to trap yourself in self-bondage. Version I”

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  2. It’s not as elegant as youtube, but you can upload large files at :

  3. It seems like if you made the blocks high enough and the chain long enough, that you could get yourself stuck unable to get the chain off the hooks without having to measure super carefully.

    But it also seems like if you are going to have to resort to ice timers or whatever for the escape route, that you might as well just use padlocks.

  4. Yeah, true. The careful measuring and weight balancing are necessary if the idea is to be suspended in midair. In this case, all equipment (cuffs, padlocks, chain, hooks, etc) must be suitable for suspension. Sure, a bit dangerous for self-bondage, but can be done.

  5. Been experimenting with this and it works rather well, though your correct in needing to test the length of the chains carefully before kicking the blocks away (had a few mishaps there before getting it right). Love the build up and tingle of fear before the kick. The jolt as the chains come tight is good too.
    pswd = spreadeag1e

  6. First time was test-run and I had the trigger hooks in reach. The second time I used two ice timers… took ages (way longer than anticipated despite the heating being on), but in the end (after about 40 mins) I managed to stand on the leg chain anchor points and get enough slack to undo the shackles. The ice timers then took another hour to melt out (there’s a lesson to be had there!).

  7. I used a chain frozen into small plastic wide-mouthed pot with chain threaded through 1.5″ metal ring which was clipped to top corners of my vertical frame. I then had the free end of the chain to clip my leather wrist cuffs to. Held my weight (approx 90kgs) easily. Next time will use less water in the pots and perhaps just one link frozen in there.

  8. That makes another variant of the ice based time locks! Thanks!

    Did you use suspension wrist/ankle cuffs or regular ones? I have some suspension ideas (apart from this one 😉 so I think I need to buy the cuffs specially designed for that.

  9. Just the normal ones… though they are pretty heavy duty 😉 so comfort wasn’t an issue really. I’d be interested to hear your ideas.

  10. Have the wrist connection “O” ring be attached through the board to an ice lock on both sides. Don’t forget you’ll need some way to release your ankles while the attachment is under pressure.

  11. Good point… I could easily drill a hole with same diameter as mouth of my ice lock pot very near the top of each upright and thread the chain through so the ice lock is on the outside of the frame. An elegant and simple solution.

  12. what if instead of wooden blocks you use an inflatable matrace or some small inflatable thing… have the plug tied to a rope at your hands so once locked in.. you can let the air out and bring you down to the ground slowly

  13. Yes, I thought about the inflatables. However, they have two major flaws:

    o- if you stand on an inflated mattress you will effectively stand on the floor, because it will bulge to the sides
    o- inflatables are not stable

  14. Suspended self bondage can be a lot of fun. But, be really, really careful to have a bombproof way out.

    If you hang suspended by spread wrists long enough, the muscles you need to breathe will tire and eventually fail. You’ll stop breathing. This is basically how the Romans executed prisoners on a cross. See the first case at for one example that sounds a bit like the scenes we’re kicking around here.

  15. Thanks for the warning, Doubleflash! I did not know that. Actually, my idea was not to be suspended by wrists, but to have most of the weight supported by ankles. Or even stand on the floor with all chains or ropes under tension, so it would not be possible to undo the locks.

  16. I successfully tried it in little bit modified arrangement.

    Suspended by wrists (50% of weight) and crotch ropes on both sides (rest 50% of weight). Each leg bound using ice lock by rope passed through eye in column to heavy weight (5 – 10 kg) on each side. Weights are fixed in upper position and can be released by hands after fixing myself into position.

    I stay on small block,
    1 I fix ropes with icelocks on legs.
    2 I fasten crotch ropes (try proper length before you begin)
    3 I hang the wrists holding ropes for releasing of weights
    4 I release the weights, ropes are pulling legs to columns
    5 I am fully suspended by wrists and crotches unable to move up to melting of ice.

    I tried it three times, when ice melted you can stand on block and release yourself. Last time I combined it with delayed iced enema. Great to be immobilized and filled by icy water.

    Sorry for my English.

  17. The Video does show a release next to her wrists.
    She has a Sail Boat fitting that opens up with a simple push of a button. I spotted it right away,
    as I have used them myself. But it is a cool video.

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