What is the fetish sport #1? Diving or rubber and self-bondage

wetsuit-07Diving, divers, underwater… any associations?

These are mine: shiny wetsuits, vacuum rubber drysuits, wetlook, tight latex suit, total enclosure, rubber zentai, rubber hood, masks, gags with breathing tubes, rubber gloves, rubber swimsuits, rubber leotards, underwater, respirators, harness, straps, wet pantyhose (pantyhose are often worn under wetsuits both for the warmth and to simplify putting the suit on), self-bondage (because you do it all yourself). And even children can, allowed and sometimes encouraged to do that!

The variety of suits is breathtaking. Shiny thin “fast” triathlon wetsuits, vacuum dry suits (put the suit on, suck the air out – just like in the vacuum bed, see below photos of “Tegur” drysuit), neoprene semi-dry suits worn “inside-out” (rubber “glues” to the skin leaving no space for water, the lining outside prevents the rubber from scratching and tearing), “zentai” like rubber suits with gloves, feet and mask, “usual” looking neoprene one-piece swimsuits, mermaid suits (single-leg with fins – see the video below) and so on and so on.

Just like latex suits, websuits can be put on using different methods: dry (see series of pictures below), wet in the water (using a sort of hydro shock), with lubricants (shampoo, soap, not sure if they know about J-lube 😉 or with pantyhose underneath.

More than enough to call it the fetish sport number 1? (See other candidates)

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9 thoughts on “What is the fetish sport #1? Diving or rubber and self-bondage”

  1. amazing ra, i love wetsuit

    i only wish someone sold a leotard like wetsuit

  2. Depends on what you mean.

    o- a leotard (one-piece swimsuit with long sleeves) or a water-polo-like swimsuit
    o- made out of neoprene, PVC or latex

    To give you some examples. Neoprene water-polo swimsuit (like this one can be found on eBay here. Leotards made out of latex – here.

    Or another solution. You can buy a neoprene wetsuit with long sleeves and cut the legs/shorts out! You will be surprised but most manufacturers do not do anything with the edge. Sounds like a plan 😉

  3. ok thanks ra, i meant sort of a combo, a long sleeve leotard-like swimsuit that had a zipper that you could lock

  4. When I went waterskiing in summer camp, I always went naked under the wetsuit bcos it excited me to not know if the shower room would be empty or not when I came back and would have to change back…

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