color-fishnet-pantyhose-03What: leotards (also with long sleeves and zipper back!), unitards, skate leotards, pantyhose/tights. All in various colours and of different shininess.

Where: the shop (then click on the “Costume” or “Clothes” on the left)

Why: Mostly because of the quite low prices, various colours and, of course, leotards with turtle neck, long sleeves and zipper back ($9.99)! See the photos below to get the idea. Because of the price you can wear the lycra outfit wherever you want and play with it as hard as you can without any fear to damage the fabric and lose money. You can always buy more.

Also, the black turtle neck leotard can be worn daily as a usual t-shirt. But do not forget to pull on shiny pink or fuchsia tights (from $3.99 to $9.99) or spiderweb pantyhose ($9.99) underneath ;-P