Textured latex or BDSM Ball 2008

Girl X, Billy and Aurora in latex suits

Two news:

textured latex
Textured latex "Volcanoes"

The last three letters from BDSM do not interest me, I could not find any interesting related to the “first letter”, but what caught my attention is the clothes made out textured latex.

According to RuBeaR website the textured latex is handmade, can be from 0.3 to 5mm thick and can have various colour combination. What makes such clothes unique and exclusive.

Masked Lady X
Masked Lady X

Another interesting side effect is how the texture shifts the “classic latex fetish” look towards “everyday clothes” one. Have a look at Lady X (I don’t know her name). Red and black tweed latex suit with mini skirt, black fishnets and high-heeled boots – sounds very fetishy, but looks though not innocent but quite like business style. In comparison with plain latex it’s very wearable.

What makes it stand out is the shine. Remove the shine (you can choose the finish: shiny or mat) and nobody will notice that you are wearing “highly erotic ultra fetish latex outfit”.

Aurora in textured latex and zentai
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