Milla Jovovich in latex pantyhose and latex gloves

Milla Jovovich in latex stockings and latex glovesAnother missing post. Milla Jovovich in an ad-campaign for TSUM Moscow. I can’t tell if she’s wearing latex pantyhose or stockings (I think stockings, though, but prefer to think of tights) but the latex garment blends so smoothly and naturally with the rest of the clothes, so I can’t imagine it being replaced with “plain” nylons or even … nothing.

Note the different colours (e.g white latex is a very unusual material in the fashion world), transparent latex stockings with black back seams, red latex stockings with very sheer black nylon ones worn on top and transparent opera length latex gloves. (See? Black latex stockings are already considered usual and normal 😉

By the way, no latex is mentioned in the clothes description. Bad…

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