latex encasement bondageIf you look just at the bound girl (or a boy? You can’t tell, can you?) you will notice nothing unusual. Probably you have seen hundreds of photos of gagged and hogtied girls (actually, rubber-bound girls appear on the photos more often then rubber-bound boys ;-) wearing ballet boots, latex catsuits and corsets. Nothing new here.

But look around. It’s the surrounding details what makes this photo to stand out of hundreds hogtied bodies. White cotton sheets and pillows, a colourfull lamp, a bedside table with usual stuff you can find in them, a sheer white curtain, an open window, sun beams streaming into the room… Probably this is just one of her usual mornings.

The dissonance between the tightly bound, gagged and blindfolded black figure and a typical cozy light bedroom and airy atmosphere makes you feel … hmmmm …. special…

Hey, what do you imagine? You are bound (you are this girl inside the rubber) or you are the photographer, the one who hogtied her?

I would definitely be the girl ;-P