Alina Stalina. Khokhloma latex dress, kids’ fetish dreams, and random thoughts. Updated.

Must confess, I’ve never been a fan of Alina Stalina (Алина Сталина, aka Perfect Pervert). I’ve never met her in person but did argue with her many times on one of the latex forums. No wonder, though, I think she was 15 at the time and our “points of view” differed a bit… But one thing we definitely have in common – love to fetish clothes, especially latex.

Must admit, she works with fantastic photographers, stylists, fetish clothes designers, and moreover, she’s a really good model. And the results are nothing short of stunning. (Here’s an example: a photo set in a latex dress with painted Khokhloma patterns.)

Even without taking her age into the consideration, she earns a deep respect.

Here follows a brain dump you can easily ignore.

Let’s face it. Imagine yourself at the age of 15-16 with a deep desire to wear exclusive fetish clothes and bare necessity to study and study. Can you? I can’t because there was no Internet at that time as we know it now. I could not dream about something I’ve never seen. What was “reachable” is pantyhose, swimsuits, self-bondage and a couple of magazines. Actually, the magazines appeared later. What was before is the feeling that you are abnormal. How can you logically explain the desire to wear tight lycra/latex clothes and be bound and gagged?

OK, Internet makes it easier, no doubts. But even with its help, I don’t think many of us would achieve what Alina has. She wanted to be a vintage burlesque fetish model like Dita and made this dream true. Actually, “dream” is not a correct word here, I would use “striving” or “desire”. “Dream” is something much less real. But Alina makes the reality. I don’t know how. Ask her.

Another interesting thing. She’s not my type of women. I prefer other kinds of faces. But! Yeah, here goes the but. Her photos are very convincing. Yes, I’m talking about myself. Her photos convince me. If you follow my blog you may notice that periodically I make a discourse into “what makes a fetish photo”. You can have all the required attributes: latex, stockings or heavy rubber and bondage, but still… you feel nothing….

And sometimes a small detail makes you breath harder.

Is it the photographer who likes the subject? Is it the model who loves fetish attire? Is it the stylist who “feels” what needs to be added to the image? The amount of work? Experience? Drive? Secret desires? A sum of everything? A phase of the Moon?


OK, she’s pretty much everywhere. Did I miss anything? It becomes a standard nowadays. You are forced to be everywhere, duplicate, triplicate, multiplicate the same content over and over again… The other side of the Internet…

Rants over 😉

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