Vacation is over. I’m back.

And the vacation was fantastic. Fantastic weather, fantastic landscapes, fantastic places, fantastic food, fantastic air. We spent a week in the mountains, and no “fetish events” were expected. Sure, there are exceptions, like Russian women wearing pantyhose and high-heels on Zugspitze (see this post) . The photo on the left shows literally the only nylon clad ankles I saw during the entire week.
Of course, I was wearing pantyhose 24×7, and when I was taking the photo I was wearing dark blue shiny transparent DIM Sublim Voile Brilliant 15 den pantyhose, so my legs were looking almost the same as on the photo but dark blue and shiny.
On the long way back home (8-hour driving) I was wearing sheer shiny support 40 den pantyhose and a tight water-polo swimsuit to hold them in place. What can I say? Even cheap support pantyhose help your legs during long travels. And the pantyhose/swimsuit (or leotard) combination makes such trips less boring.

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