Lycra catsuit or another fetish from Adidas. Part I

Adidas lycra catsuit leotardUpdated on Mar 21, 2012 @ 01:30:

D.V. found this suit on eBay! See these items.

See also Part II.

Published on Oct 08, 2008 @ 01:38:

If you remember this series of photos, the leotard (with long sleeves) was also made by Adidas. I spent some time and researched what is available in the real (in many cities) and Internet shops and auctions. The result is… Guess???

Nothing. Absolutely nothing. I do not understand where they got these things. BTW, if you look closely, you will notice that both the leotard and the catsuit resemble each other. The catsuit (or unitard) is “leotard lined”. The neck part also looks the same.

So, where the $%^&*&^%$  can I get them from???

22 thoughts on “Lycra catsuit or another fetish from Adidas. Part I”

  1. more of these! where are they getting them from? i cant seem to find them anywhere either

    it would be even better with footed legs…

  2. I found the pictures posted in a forum somewhere. And yes, I have some more.

    From the fetish point of view, footed legs are, indeed, better. I wish those “shark skin” swimsuits had footed legs and long sleeves ;-P

  3. Wow – Those wouldn’t work for just anyone, you are built perfectly to wear those! You look like you should have been in kill bill.

  4. Are you sure, you don’t want to buy the girl inside instead? Or is is the yellow stripes on the back that make you hot?

    Apart from the stripes and the Adidas logo, it shouldn’t be too hard to find a similar catsuit.

  5. Strappado ” wrote:

    Are you sure, you don’t want to buy the girl inside instead?

    My wife will object 😀

    Strappado ” wrote:

    it shouldn’t be too hard to find a similar catsuit.

    Professional suits are different from “fetish” ones. It’s not difficult to find a lycra catsuit, but I’m not sure about the quality – design, shape, matereial, tightness, durability, etc.

    For example, professional sport clothes are made for different proportions, than recreational or fetish stuff.

  6. I saw something likes this on ebay.
    Adidas fullbody swim suit

    Swimsuit is two words
    ebay has three of these up for bids.
    Looks damm close.

  7. cool. The only problem is that I don’t see my size.
    If I do find my size, I WANT IT and I AM GOING TO GET IT.

  8. okok, I didn’t know, it was a swimsuit, especially, it was misleading that someone wanted it with feet. But there are a lot of full body swimsuits, only takes a lot of time to find one with the same collar.

  9. With sleeves.

    Another item you could look at are called skin-suits. These suits fits under wetsuits. Some are very colorfull, and others are just basic colors. There are no hoods, no gloves, and no feet. Just a stirrups.
    Keywords are “Henderson Lycra”
    At this time there are over 30 up for bid or sale.

    They have full sleeves and full legs.

  10. D.V. ” wrote:

    Just a stirrups.

    Actually, it’s not related, but for some reason, stirrups is a big turn down for me. I simply hate stirrups.

    D.V. ” wrote:

    Keywords are “Henderson Lycra”

    Will have a look.

  11. You could cut the stirrups off.
    That’s what I did to mine. Works fine for me.

  12. I recently got a catsuit for as little as 26.99 Euros including postage. Agreed, the quality is not like a swimsuit, but I have seen thinner material, and it has a tight fit. Arms, long legs, round collar, short back zipper, pretty much like the suimsuit above, except that it is plain black color. they got various models and types of lycra. Most are more expensive though, you have to look through the shop.

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