Apnea and Lithium Picnic. Part V

Apnea in strait-jacketThe following 9 photos of Apnea. See previous parts here.

4 thoughts on “Apnea and Lithium Picnic. Part V”

  1. Wildly creative photography! Stunning model. Apnea and Lithium Picnic are good — very good.

  2. good find ra!
    nice to have to here doubleflash (just noticed you a few days ago…)

  3. i really love that straight-jacket/leotard, but after ages of searching i haven’t found anything that is even remotely similar. i saw that she auctioned that one off in 07 to help pay for the dispute with Suicide Girls. and she referred to it as a Fetish Ninja PVC Straight-Jacket, but i cant find anything on google relating to that.

    has anyone here found anything like it? or has tried to make one?

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