It bloody works

I can’t believe it… It works. Catwalks, fashion shows, advertisement campaigns and all that crap I have never considered indeed works. What am I talking about? Fashionable vs practical.
With some exceptions (military, sport or work clothes) fashion is not supposed to be practical. Some of the most often used fashion items can be proclaimed as dangerous. Yes, you guessed correctly, I’m talking about high heels. More examples? Narrow pencil or hobble skirts, long nails, nylon clothes (nylon burns very fast). What next? Yes, you guessed correctly again. Latex.

My wife (clothes designer) keeps telling me, that latex will never make its way into the street-clothes-wardrobe, because it:

  • does not breath
  • is not hygienic
  • is not comfortable
  • can be used in a very narrow temperature range
  • makes pools of sweat
  • tears
  • stains
  • dissolves
  • is expensive
  • etc

The qualities it brings are:

  • tightness
  • shine
  • smell
  • mmmm…. anything else?

Pure lycra/elastan or coated lycra fabric can be as tight and shiny as you want and exhibit no nasty behaviour listed above.

The logic says – latex is a material for either a fetish or protective (eg. medical) clothes.

My answer was – if fashion designers want it, women will be wearing latex despite anything (not that I don’t like it 🙂 And looks like I’m right.

Read first my “Latex and Prêt-à-Porte” articles. Then look at:

Style Bytes

… So far shiny tights and leggings has been spotted in many fall shows, this includes a few pairs of latex leggings. I couldn´t help myself any longer, I had to take it a step further. Today I won a pair on eBay and I am dying to test them out! …

F&Art guide

… I’m curious and love to test new things so riding a bike in latex pants – for example – is something I had to check out 😉 … Fashion has always to do with trying out new things and that’s what makes it special and never boring. I’ve never been to a sex shop but I went into one to by latex powder and spray – totally new experience and all for the sake of fashion! … “

Style Bubble

… When I saw these pictures of fashion … wearing latex/PVC leggings, I thought to myself ‘Well…maybe just maybe….’ … So as with most of my fashion curiousity experiments, I thought it better to go on the cheap. I’m not even going to say here where I got them but let’s just say someone under the age of 18 should really not go there at all (email me if you’re dying to know…). …

The reaction is more than enthusiastic:

  • “… These are so fantastic I may have to get me a pair. … “
  • ” … I NEED them where did you get them?? … “
  • ” … i am going to go into one of those stores!! … “
  • “… I never thought I would say it either but I want some! … “

and so on and on and on …

Personally I like this comment (it was in caps):


Ha-ha … They’ve been wearing fetish stuff for ages and they’ve just noticed???

Women are still women. Probably that’s why we love them? 😉

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