Leotards with shiny pantyhose or
Strait-jackets and self-bondage

Shiny gymnastic leotard shiny pantyhose and bondage - 1I won’t mention that I want one of these leotards (long sleeves, turtle neck, back zip, oh….). See therelated posts for my moanings.

The question is, can we use bound sleeves for self-bondage purposes? I’m not sure this is gonna be effective. It looks good, sexy, tight, but not secure, unless arms are bound underneath.

Thanks much to Jessi Longstocking for digging out the photos!

Author: Realgar

13 thoughts on “Leotards with shiny pantyhose or
Strait-jackets and self-bondage”


    thanks so much ra, i might actually buy a straitjacket now, im gonna bookmark this

  2. As someone who’s played in their fair share of leotards, I can’t see this being secure, no. The real question is, do you want to ruin your leotard by A) tying it in knots b) stretching the hell out of it on the way out (reach your hands up through the neck and PULL).

    So… yeah, I think I’ll give it a try! 🙂

  3. InfiniTTTy wrote:

    I can’t see this being secure


    InfiniTTTy wrote:

    A) tying it in knots

    What about using the SRD with the sleeves? I’m not saying that the SRD will not ruin the leotard, but there will be no knots and you can possibly “bind” the sleeves together alone.

    InfiniTTTy wrote:

    b) stretching the hell out of it on the way out

    Yeah, unfortunately, the leotard will takes all the stress.

    InfiniTTTy wrote:

    reach your hands up through the neck and PULL

    Hmmm… To zip it up? In this case yes, unless the leotard is very stretchy or at least one size bigger. BTW, ny water-polo swimsuit is about 3 sizes smaller ;-D

  4. You re looking to my pictures…
    Don’t worry, I don’t care because the main reason I poste this pictures is to make my own idea of bondage become more famous.
    I put some pictures here :
    And I m also on http://www.Flickr, but you need your own account to see them. (but please no friend adding if you’re a man)
    The girl friend you see here is wearing tree layers of leotards. More layers of leotard you use and more the bondage becomes tight and inescapable.
    It’s not possible to do selfbondage with 3 or 4 layers of leotards. it depend of size you use.
    Bondage with 5 or 6 layers are inescapable.
    I bind sleeves end with a knot but it’s quit better (and more confortable if you lay on a bed for a long time) to use stocking straps from girdles.
    Brands of leo’s I use are Agiva and Vicard. It’s french coz I m french 😉

  5. Thanks much Realgar! As I mentioned I did not know who made the photos.

    Your photos are stunningly erotic! May I post some of them here? Now with full credit, of course!

    Oh, another question. I’ve been looking at a sleeveless straight-jacket leotard for years (but still haven’t bought one). NOt sure if anybody tried that, though. Is it possible to close the zipper by yourself (yes, I mean self-bondage?)?

  6. yes you can poste if you like.

    It would make me happy to see one day on the net arround the world some pictures of girls in this leo’s bondage. I love this kind of bondage because it’s pleasant to wear, looks really great and it is easy to share with girl friends (leather, chains and cold, smelly black rubber frighten many girls).

    I spend nights tied in 2-3 leotards. Use 5-6 layers for bondage session or sex and my wife likes to be tied in 3 layers of leotards.

    If you do self bondage you have to close each zipper before you begin to bind the sleeve ends together (sorry, difficult to explain in english how i do)

    The tights my girl friend use are : Collant coupé-cousu satiné from Yves Saint Laurent (France) But sadly it don’t exist since over ten years !!!

    Here I’m on flickr, it’s quit bigger :

  7. Thank you very much Realgar indeed! I really appreciate it!

    I totally agree that lycra is much more pleasant and comfortable to wear than latex. No side effects. Yet it can be done inescapable. And if you have a willing partner… Pure bliss.

    I never knew that YSL used to make similar tights. I owned Le Bourget, Chantalle Thomas and Paulo Cuvali, and seen Belgian tights. This opaque satin back-seamed style was very popular in 90’s. Currently, only Wolford continue to produce them: Satin de Luxe.

  8. So, where else can we find these pics, aside from myspace , tumblr, flickr, or deviantart?

  9. To anyone that stumbles upon this post, you can find more of their images at fetlife.com.

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