They wear pantyhose in Miami, Florida

Mini skirt and pantyhoseSurprise, surprise… Girls in the States (Miami, Florida) do wear pantyhose. On top of that they wear them with mini skirts. On top of that some of them have long hair. On top of that some of them have blogs. One of them is Fashion Chalet.

See 15 photos below. Tights: Target

3 thoughts on “They wear pantyhose in Miami, Florida”

  1. yeah actually likera, about half the girls i see are wearing tights with a skirt or tights with boots as shown above, my girlfriend wears them alot 🙂

  2. Where, Clammy? It’s still not common to wear tights (Russia is different in this case ;-), but the situation is getting better. Even here in Holland where mini skirts with opaque tights are normal clothes (because it’s easier to ride a bike – see this post , it looks good, and if you decided to wear tights, let’s show them off! 😉 women wear boots on bare feet.

  3. Oo didnt see that post

    at my school many girls my age wear tights (usually opaque, so i wouldnt really call them pantyhose). Then again we are in the northern part of the country, so its more common to wear warmer clothes

    but it is not widespread no, and why not? they look good, feel good, keep you warm, and are pretty cheap

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