Self-bondage in a vacuum bed as art and Lawrence Malstaf

Lawrence Malstaf and transparent vacuum frame self-bondageThe idea struck Lawrence’s mind when he was vacuum cleaning his atelier. Two transparent PVC sheets, a frame suspended from the ceiling, two tubes and a vacuum cleaner, you get in, the air gets sucked out. Pretty simple, yet effective and spectacular. The project got the name “Shrink”.

During Lawrence’s installations any visitor could experience “what that means to be caught in a space, in a snowstorm or be vacuum packed”.

Lawrence Malstaf wrote:

I’m interested in dynamic spaces and materials, the edge between balance and insability, change. In short spaces that are alive. Maybe it doesn’t need to be a space but the point is to give the visitor an experience. Mostly it’s a physical experience involving more senses besides the eyes. That’s what I’m searching for at the moment: to trigger memories and emotions very directly through a bodily experience. I think therefore they might be more pure and intense than via the detour of intellectual analysis. You don’t need to be smart to enjoy my installations. The first level is a primitive physical language. I like set ups for an individual visitor because this privacy avoids certain social rules and limitations. People seem more open and receptive to go for it than when they are observed by other people who might judge them. It’s just you and the mirror for example.

OK, artistic and conceptuality aside, let’s have a look how they do that. From what I understand they do not breath, while properly “vacuumed”. They can control the amount of the air being sucked out with a thumb. Did you notice anything else?

Ah, yeah, wrong clothes …

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3 thoughts on “Self-bondage in a vacuum bed as art and Lawrence Malstaf”

  1. Brilliant find Ra!

    The concept in amazingly sexy – it’s just the execution that requires a few ‘tweaks’ to make the scene work for SB.

    You’re right about the ‘wrong clothes’, no breathing tube and ease of release (though on this last point I’m puzzled by how you can move your thumb enough?).

    Right now I’d be trying to track down the girl in the green top – she looks like someone who could be fun to know! 🙂


  2. An amazing work of art — direct, primal, intense. I can imagine fear, delight, sensual intensity and a lot more. The subjects have to be going through an incredible range of emotional and physical sensations.

    I wonder what the experiance would be like wearing sleek nylon and a thick butt plug?

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