This is the second part of the draft. see the first part here. As always your ideas are very welcome. This chapter is about things you can use for self-bondage you can find or buy locally.

What  you can find locally

In the hotel

  • bed sheets (mummification)
  • plastic bath caps (instead of condoms to mage gags and plugs)
  • ice from ice-machines (time-locks)
  • shower curtain (mummification, protective bed sheet)

In the office

It depends on the office and kind of work you perform.

  • sticky tape (can be used instead of rope, for gags or for mummification)
  • trash-bin plastic bags (partial mummification, plastic clothes, hoods, also in combination with sticky tape)
  • patch cords aka twisted pair (rope, plugs)
  • power cords (rope, plugs)
  • pallet wrap (mummification)
  • zip ties
  • big plastic bags used for packing new equipment (mummification,  plastic clothes, plastic sheeting)
  • salt, sugar (salt time-locks)
  • staplers (to bind pantyhose, swimsuits, plastic bags, hotel sheets  or whatever together to create a full locked zentai-like pantyhose encasement or mummification)

In  local supermarkets

  • pantyhose, stockings, knee-highs (see part I)
  • condoms
  • lubricants
  • sticky tape
  • big trash-bin bags
  • salt, sugar
  • cling film for packing products
  • knife
  • locks and padlocks
  • dogs collars
  • zip ties
  • lycra bike shorts
  • glue (see “staplers” above)

Some supermarkets may also sell rope, vibrators and various plugs.