Self-bondage during business trips. Tutorial. Part II

This is the second part of the draft. see the first part here. As always your ideas are very welcome. This chapter is about things you can use for self-bondage you can find or buy locally.

What  you can find locally

In the hotel

  • bed sheets (mummification)
  • plastic bath caps (instead of condoms to mage gags and plugs)
  • ice from ice-machines (time-locks)
  • shower curtain (mummification, protective bed sheet)

In the office

It depends on the office and kind of work you perform.

  • sticky tape (can be used instead of rope, for gags or for mummification)
  • trash-bin plastic bags (partial mummification, plastic clothes, hoods, also in combination with sticky tape)
  • patch cords aka twisted pair (rope, plugs)
  • power cords (rope, plugs)
  • pallet wrap (mummification)
  • zip ties
  • big plastic bags used for packing new equipment (mummification,  plastic clothes, plastic sheeting)
  • salt, sugar (salt time-locks)
  • staplers (to bind pantyhose, swimsuits, plastic bags, hotel sheets  or whatever together to create a full locked zentai-like pantyhose encasement or mummification)

In  local supermarkets

  • pantyhose, stockings, knee-highs (see part I)
  • condoms
  • lubricants
  • sticky tape
  • big trash-bin bags
  • salt, sugar
  • cling film for packing products
  • knife
  • locks and padlocks
  • dogs collars
  • zip ties
  • lycra bike shorts
  • glue (see “staplers” above)

Some supermarkets may also sell rope, vibrators and various plugs.

12 thoughts on “Self-bondage during business trips. Tutorial. Part II”

  1. I’ve had a lot of fun prospecting for SB equipment in stores for pet supplies, hardware, pharmacies, sporting goods, farm supplies and marine/boating. Sometimes shopping is great for planning scenes, too.

    Pet supply stores have alightful range of chains, collars, and dog chew toys that look like they were designed as dildoes or butt plugs.

    Hardware stores are an endless source for ropes, steel rings, zip ties, duct tape, chain, shackles, and much more.

    Pharmacies sell enema equipment, condoms, lube, vibrators.

    Farm supply stores carry hardware for constraining animals, and a bunch of old fasteners like hog fings that can be used to fabricate harnesses, cuffs and such from rope.

    A little imagination can go a long way in just about any store.

    Maybe, this could get to be a theme for a reality TV show — Do-it-yourself SB equpment and scenes? The show could be patterned after Scrapyard Challenge.

  2. The idea is to get something:

    – disposable (if you can’t take it with you on the way to the hotel, most likely you won’t want to take back as well)

    – close to your hotel (most hardware stores are locate in industrial zones outside of walking distance, unless you have a car)

    This is why I chose supermarkets (e.g. LIdl). You can get there various things at discount prices.

    But it would be interesting to compile a list of “self-bondage suppliers”! Now with all possibilities included.

  3. I agree. On a business trip, time and simplicity are key. Sometimes you’re staying in a hotel near a big shopping center with lots of options and sometimes you only have the hotel gift store.

    My miminal kit includes 6 feet of 3/8 inch surgical tubing, 1 roll of electrical tape, a bundle of sturdy zip ties and nail clippers to cut the zip ties. Nothing there to attract attention.

    Buy a little lube and a few condoms locally and you can have a lot of fun. Example: a hotel shower cap, a little electrical tape and the surgical tubing make a fine enema set up. A little more electrical tape and a few zip ties and you are well and truly bound.

    It’s still fun to shop for other things to make more interesting scenes. I expect that you and some of the other folks who hang out here have done a lot more interesting scenes with local stuff???

  4. I prefer to take as much as possible with me. So I do not have to shop for simple and obvious things like pantyhose and condoms or to invent butt-plugs.

    doubleflash wrote:

    a hotel shower cap, a little electrical tape and the surgical tubing make a fine enema set up.

    Indeed! Nice one! On the other hand you can use the shower tubing. Or the shower itself as an enema set.

  5. Yep! If the hotel has handheld shower heads, the possibilities are wild.

    I’ve stayed in handicapped rooms in a couple hotels. The showers were large, with handheld heads and long tubing. The shower heads unscrewed from the tubing easily. There were stout grab rails around three walls. Managed to tie myself to the grab rails and…

    Well, the details might be a little too graphic. But, it was great fun.

  6. So it’s not just me who has found another use for a hotel shower curtain!

    As posted previously, I like to take as much of my gear as possible. My job requires long hours in the office, so ‘fun time’ is at a premium and I don’t want to miss out by having to shop.

    Still, there are some good ideas here!


  7. Madjack wrote

    another use for a hotel shower curtain!

    If the rod (the curtain is hanging from) removable, I bet it can be used too 😉

    Madjack wrote

    I like to take as much of my gear as possible

    Sometimes it’s just not possible. Sometimes you forget something. And sometimes you know what you can use/get locally. E.g. big plastic bags or sticky tape.

    BTW, I’m on a business trip right now, but can’t find sticky tape in the office… How frustrating… Will probably need to buy tomorrow :-/

  8. Nice ideas guys, it’s truly inspiring to hear others thinking over this stuff. I especially like the whole junk-yard wars idea, that would be hilarious!
    In my short experience, rock climbing gear can make some pretty fine SB gear. Rope (obviously), cord (nice and supple, in your choice of 4-11mm size) are good, and the pre-sewn webbing loops can prove handy (as well as being impossible to untie – great for locking). Best of all it’s all perfectly socially acceptable to carry around. Just the musings of a beginner.

  9. IMO rock climbing gear is made for SB.

    Example: Cool gadgets like Petzl’s Tribloc ( ) can replace a ring device in hogties. You can also use a Tribloc in a pulley system for locking self suspension. The possibilities are endless…

    Also, arborists have taken climbing gear to another level. Example:

    Have fun & stay safe.

  10. If you are even in need of quick rings for a SRD take a large paper clip and bend it into a ring and wrap in duct tape persto 2 SRD rings in about 5 min!

  11. Ydal, the metal paper clips are made out of is quite soft (and thin). I’m not sure such rings will be able to withstand the pulling force of legs or hands.

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