Self-bondage enema latexHow often do you switch your alarm-clock off in the mornings and continue to sleep? How often do you miss the alarm? How often do you click on “snooze” and then see above?

If it sounds familiar, you may found my idea very useful. You will definitely not miss this “signal”.

My “alarm clock” consists of the following details:

water pumpMini water pump.
It can be small, slow, quiet and not powerful aquarium or fountain one. The pump should be able to deliver water to the height of 40cm.

Two enema bagsTwo enema bags.
You can hang them on a wardrobe door, for example. The tube of one of the bags should be closed. You pour water and put the pump into the closed bag. The tube from the pump goes into the second bag.

Digital timerDigital timer.
Plug the pump into the timer. Dial the desired time and the interval during which the pump will be working. Make some test before to avoid “dry runs” and damaging the pump.

Connect the enema tube to an enema butt-plug and dress accordingly.
Do not forget to protect your bed from leakage. Use pvc or latex sheeting or a rubber sleeping bag.

That’s it!

latex clothes latex sheeting latex pantyhoseI was wearing the following:

It worked as expected!

To make things more interesting you can add some light self-bondage. E.g. bind you legs and wrists (in front of you to make sleeping easier). Put a knife near your bed so when the enemalarm wakes you up, you could easily cut through the ropes. However, it will add some time ;-P