Enemalarm and lots of latex

Self-bondage enema latexHow often do you switch your alarm-clock off in the mornings and continue to sleep? How often do you miss the alarm? How often do you click on “snooze” and then see above?

If it sounds familiar, you may found my idea very useful. You will definitely not miss this “signal”.

My “alarm clock” consists of the following details:

water pumpMini water pump.
It can be small, slow, quiet and not powerful aquarium or fountain one. The pump should be able to deliver water to the height of 40cm.

Two enema bagsTwo enema bags.
You can hang them on a wardrobe door, for example. The tube of one of the bags should be closed. You pour water and put the pump into the closed bag. The tube from the pump goes into the second bag.

Digital timerDigital timer.
Plug the pump into the timer. Dial the desired time and the interval during which the pump will be working. Make some test before to avoid “dry runs” and damaging the pump.

Connect the enema tube to an enema butt-plug and dress accordingly.
Do not forget to protect your bed from leakage. Use pvc or latex sheeting or a rubber sleeping bag.

That’s it!

latex clothes latex sheeting latex pantyhoseI was wearing the following:

It worked as expected!

To make things more interesting you can add some light self-bondage. E.g. bind you legs and wrists (in front of you to make sleeping easier). Put a knife near your bed so when the enemalarm wakes you up, you could easily cut through the ropes. However, it will add some time ;-P

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  1. Clever.. very clever… but I have spotted a flaw!

    How on earth can you get to sleep? Especially when dressed like this (bound or not) and with the added excitement of your early morning call (..of nature!)??????

    This looks excellent – I will try to track down on eof those pumps for sure.


    …and what happened to the ‘star’ ratings? I can only ‘thumb you up…’ ahem!

  2. Tried it last night! One minor difference: I used magnetic door latches to secure ankle and wrist chains, so I was loosely stretched out in bed. It was comfortable enough, but there was no way for me to reach the double balloon enema nozzle or turn off the pump. A second timer was set to release my restraints 30 minutes after the pump started.

    At about 6:00 AM I heard the pump start. A few seconds later water pushed some air through the inflatable enema plug, cold water followed. I was definitely wide awake then. The pump ran for about 10 minutes, long enough to drain 3 litres of water into the bag and hose that ran to my ass. By the time the second timer turned off the magnetic latches, I was more than ready to get out of bed! Getting to the toilet with a very full belly was tricky, but no accidents.

    Thanks for the delightful idea, Ra!

  3. How on earth can you get to sleep?

    Yeah, you do need lots of practice and sleepless nights in advance 😉
    And if everything is comfortable … Why not?

    Actually, that’s why I had three hoods close by. I could not align the blue one with my nostrils, and it kept waking me up. So eventually I put this one on and slept until the alarm went off 😉

    what happened to the ’star’ ratings?

    I was experimenting with different styles to give the ability to vote against the post. Do you think I should revert to the “stars”?

  4. Nice one Doubleflash! 3 liters and 20 minutes … Wow… That is a bit too much even for me. I would explode ;-D

    How were the chains connected connected to your wrists/ankles? Were they bound apart (spread-eagle) or together?

    BTW, I added a link to the magnets in your posts.

  5. Sounds like a winner!

    Ra – I love that hood (still not sure I could sleep in it though – would be too turned on!)

    Doubleflash – awesome! 2 litres was my absolute max, and not for long!

    Have an apportunity for some all-night fun coming up (if all goes to plan) so will be sure to mae myself as exhausted as possible beforehand. Now, how could I do that… ?

    I had worried about long duration butt-plug wearing, but you make it sound OK, so I’ll give it a go.


    stars or thumbs both OK

  6. Here the details for the scene I described earlier.

    I use 4 heavy-duty choke chains for wrists and ankles. (Example: http://www.animalworldnetwork.com/buexheavchai4.html

    The chains just loop around ankle or wrist, then I lock them in place with amLL, keyed-alike padlocks. (example: http://www.padlocks4less.com/small_brass_padlock.html )

    Once locked in place, the chains are impossible to get off, but they don’t cut off circulation.

    I lock both ankle chains to a sturdy eyebolt at the foot of my bed. I lock both wrist chains to a magnetic door lock that I’ve anchored above the head of the bed. I leave a key at the foot of the bed, well out of reach until the magnetic lock turns off.

    I found the magnetic lock at a used equipment store Example: http://www.sdcsecurity.com/class.aspx?id=3 It only uses 3 watts and is designed for continuous use. It is also incredibly powerful, so there is absolutely no way to pull free until the timer turns off the power.

    For overnight bondage I like to leave myself enough slack to turn over, but not enough to feel unrestrained. This setup keeps me firmly anchored, and unable to stop the enema. But I can sleep — sort of.

    Every time I turn move, the chains remind me that I’m firmly bound — delightful. The inflated balloon also makes it’s firm presence known all night. Since I can’t play with myself, the tension just keeps building…

    I have a lot of enema experience, so I know that 3 liters is close to my maximum, but not dangerous for me. If you try something like this, be sure to test your own capacity several times to make sure you’re not going to overfill your belly. Once the pump starts, you are going to have to take everything in the bag.

    Also, you are going to be *very* full after the enema drains in to you. Make sure that you can still release your restraints when your belly is taunt with water — it is harder than you might think.

    Ra, I’ll take some pictures of this setup as soon as I can. It’s really pretty simple. Your photos and description are quite detailed and complete. The only differences are the chains, second timer and the magnetic lock. I was basically just following your description and adjusting it to the equipment that I had on hand.

  7. Madjack,

    You need to be careful with long-term butt plug use. In the scene I described, I used a silicone inflatable enema plug with a lot of KY lube. I was careful not to inflate it enough to stretch my rectum.

    You do not want to compress any tissue for long, particularly not sensitive tissue like your anus or scrotum. If you do, you risk cutting off blood supply too long and are likely to kill tissue.

    How long is too long varies for each individual.

    I’ve experimented with different butt plugs for years and found that medical-grade silicone and stainless steel are safe. example: http://www.njoytoys.com/products/pureplug20.php

    There are a lot of other materials for butt plugs — latex, soft plastic, acrylic, and such. Personally, I stay away from those for long-term use. They seem to release chemicals that irritate.

  8. Thanks Doubleflash for the very detailed description! (Will do a full backup of the database just in case and make a link in the real sessions section).

    The double balloon enema nozzle is a must no doubts. However it needs to be properly inflated. A bit less and it easily comes out, a bit more and it becomes painful. If the muscles are well trained even a fully inflated 500cc balloon can be pushed out especially with 3l inside 😉 I haven’t tried the 750cc version yet, probably the result will be more satisfying.

    The best material is, of course, silicone, but since it’s very flexible and can easily be bent that might block the flow. (It happens way to often). If there is no latex allergy, the cheaper latex version can also be considered. Have no experience with latex inflatable nozzles, though.

    Steel plugs are in my wish list, but because of not that rare allergy to metals they are not for everyone. For example, several of my friends can not wear watches, because their skin is very sensitive to metal parts. So, it needs to be tested.

  9. Madjack, if you go to bed every day dressed like that and bound, you will have no choice but eventually fall asleep 😉

  10. Ra,
    Haven’t tried the 750 cc inflatable balloon nozzle. 3/4 of a liter seeks like a lot of volume in a rectum. You wouldn’t have to inflate the beast fully, though. It would be worth trying — carefully.

    Also, in my previous post, I left out an important step. Test the whole setup a couple of times before you try it for real. It’s easy to set the digital timers incorrectly and there are a few other things that can go wrong. This setup WILL keep you restrained until the timer turns off the current to the magnetic lock!!

    Also, guys might want to use an external catheter and bag. Women might try an adult diaper… If you have to pee halfway through the night, you’re going to have a problem unless you’ve provided some way to relieve yourself.

  11. Make sure that you can still release your restraints when your belly is taunt with water — it is harder than you might think.

    Very important point. It’s like being pregnant for at least 6 months.

    Haven’t tried the 750 cc balloon enema nozzle. 3/4 of a liter seeks like a lot of volume in a rectum. You wouldn’t have to inflate the beast fully, though.

    Exactly, you do not have to fully inflate it, but the 750cc balloon is longer than the 500cc one, so theoretically it should keep everything in place better.

    unless you’ve provided some way to relieve yourself.

    Hence I used lots of latex 😉 Or there is another method I use more than often ;-P

  12. Hmmm… some very wise words in this chain.

    Doubleflash: thanks for the warning – my fav plug is silicon, but I’ll not use any in my intended over-night session. Better safe than sorry!

    The electro-magnet theme is really starting to interest me. Lots of really good ideas and practical experience – must add it to my ‘wants’ list.

    All I need now is the time and money…



    But I’m still gonna try! :-))


  13. Madjack,

    Locally, we have stores that recycle commercial stuff — furniture, lumber, equipment and such. That’s where I found a used commercial magnetic lock. I had to order a power supply from the company that made the lock, but that was cheap.

    Shopping for props and toys is great fun!

    Be safe and sane.


  14. Hi Doubleflash

    Great minds think alike (or is that, ‘fools never differ’?) – I’ve started to check out the local 2nd hand and recycling electronic stores. No luck yet, but will keep looking.

    And ‘Yes’, it is fun shopping for props and toys – I find myself looking at all sorts of strange devices and wondering what fun could be had with them. My problem is inventing a cover story to bring them home – you can’t hide a metal framed chair at the back of your wardrobe! Even when it promises so much fun!


  15. I’ve used electromagnets/magnetic locks quite a few times in different scenarios – normally attached to a transformer powered from a normal mains timer.

    The original was years ago (easily 12+ years ago) – a simple electromagnet created from a nail and recycled coated copper wire, powered from a 12 model railway transformer. I used it to hold keys needed for release.

    Then slightly more recent, I brought an door lock electromagnet fairly cheaply off ebay. Wired it up to the 12v connectors of an old computer power supply. Even though the doormagnet was very strong, I discovered I couldn’t use it to actually anchor a restraint because if you applied enough force, it just slid off sideways, however adding some bits of wood prevented this.

  16. There’s another very easy way that I have used, basically you need a normally closed solenoid valve. There are a lot of industrial type valves out there but if you look around you can find much smaller plastic and food safe valves. Basically all you do is put it inline with your enema tube, attach it to a timer and when it gets power the water flows.

    This is what you need to look at

  17. This is exactly what I was looking for! With such a valve you can add a timer with different programs, like 1min on, 30min off, etc. Thanks much!

    Anonymous ” wrote:

    a direct acting style

    BTW, what does that mean?

  18. Direct acting, there are some types that are effectively 2 stages. They are called pilot type and are only really effective with higher pressure systems. Direct acting valves work in much lower pressure situations, such as enemas…

    more details here

  19. Anonymous ” wrote:

    Did you ever get the solenoid valves up and running?

    To be honest, no. Never got a round to test them. I even bought a controller board with timers…

  20. I tried this few days ago and for me as diaper fetishist was clear I had to add a diaper. I was too excitet and woke up shortly before the enema started but I will try again soon. I look forward to really wake up by the enema flowing.

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