Electro magnetic door lock as a self-bondage timer

Magnetic door lock for selfbondageUsing the heavy magnetic door locks as the self-bondage timers is not a news. They were discussed many times in various forums, however, I haven’t seen any working solutions.

So let’s have a closer look at the locks and possible implementations.

Forms: from small as 4″x 2¾” x1.7″ to double sized 21″x3″x1.6″
Holding Force: from 110lb(small) to 2400lb (double sized)
Dual voltage: 12V/24V
Current draw: from 80mA/12V to 500mA/12V (two time less current at 24V)
Additional: Build-In Voltage Spike Suppressor (MOV)

Brainstorm ideas:

  • If there is no electricity, e.g. you are playing outside (wow!), or you do not want to be dependable on the electricity, or you do not want to use electricity for the safety reasons – you can use 12V car accumulators (requires good 12V timers)
  • Suspension on the door locks is definitely NOT recommended. Imagine what happens, if:
    • you are suddenly dropped down
    • the moving (heavy metal) part of the lock falls on you
  • Using the door lock to hold a release key/knife is NOT recommended due to low weight of the key and possible residual magnetism
  • use double (daisy chained) digital timer switches for safety reasons. Should one fail – the second will release you.
  • For outdoor selfbondage sessions you can use mechanical timers.
  • the door locks can be used instead ice-locks
  • the door locks can hold the weight in the self-tightening methods
  • or it can hold you to prevent reaching the knife to cut you free
  • use the wireless remote as the key in the ice/stocking method to open the door lock
  • the door lock (used as a normal door lock) can lock you in a room (toilet? bathroom?). Minimum bondage can be applied in this case. For example: a gag, blindfolds, lockable butt-plug, hand cuffs. The key/knife/scissors should be in another room.

Any other ideas?

9 thoughts on “Electro magnetic door lock as a self-bondage timer”

  1. Hi Ra!

    Good piece about the fabled use of electro-magnets for our little ‘hobby’.

    You asked if they had been used for real self-bondage?
    Well, possibly – try this link

    It shows a young lady in self bondage with her wrists trapped by electro-magnets. It doesn’t (in the preview bit at least) show how she gets free!

    Mechanical timers outdoors?
    Nope, too risky for me! Daisy chain electrical or nothing. Also not sure how safe (waterproof) these toys are should the weather turn wet! (I’m an indoors person for this game)

    Other ideas?
    An obvious one would be the enema release. use the magnet to hold the enema pipe above the bag (a metal clip/hanger around the pipe) and when it releases so does the enema.

    another good find


    Ps. ChimeraBondage has some very good and funny preview videos of the girls in self-bondage predicaments (they do feel quite real, if you know what I mean!)

  2. OOPS!

    Would be good if I included the right link to the picture!

    In the words of the great Homer Simpson… DOH!!!!!!


  3. Nice one MadJack! I tweaked the links/tags a bit.

    I totally agree with you on the release part. Putting yourself in a self-bondage, even inescapable self-bondage, but without a proper escape plan based on timers – is not self-bondage. It’s either a committing suicide or it must be based on a safety person or persons.

  4. Cool link! Thanks.

    Personally, I think that self bondage that involves anything around your neck is way too dangerous.

  5. Session 57 looks relatively safe, to me. You’re lying down, so you are unlikely to fall and accidently tighten the collar. The collar looks like it has a stout buckle that isn’t going to accidently tighten.

    But, if a self-release device had failed, you would have had very limited options for getting to your backup knife. That’s pretty edgy…

    Session 35 looks sketchy. As you were working to bind your wrists, you were rolling and bending a lot. If you tumbled off the bed, you would have been a statistic in a police report.

    With all that said, all self-bondage is risky. That’s probably one of the reasons it is so much fun. So, how much risk each of us takes is a personal decision.

    Personally, I don’t use anything around my neck or gags that slip deeper into my mouth. (I had one close call that made a lasting impression.) But, that’s really just my particular preference.

    I do like anchoring my upper body. I use several different shoulder ties for that. There is a good diagram or two on Anna’s site that work nicely.

    If you remember our discussion about impalement, I don’t mind taking other risks… 😉

  6. Hi I am wondering i have a metal bed and I am thinking can I yous the frame as an alternative attachments?

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