(Fetish?) fashion, latex leggings and Dasha Zhukova

Dasha Zhukova in latex leggings

What would you do if you want something (e.g. to wear) but you can’t find it anywhere? To make things easier (e.g to widen the limits considerably) let’s assume that you are a son/daughter/wife/lover of an oil magnate.

The correct answer is to start manufacturing what you can’t find “on the shelves”. This is what Dasha Zhukova did. As I have already mentioned (here) Kova & T label is founded by her and Christina Tang (see the photo below).

And how to promote your products? Just wear them! Isn’t it why you started making them? 😉 Below you can find Dasha wearing her “latex” stuff, and to make the post more interesting I’ve added some pantyhose, mini skirts, high heels and more Russian celebrities.

Kova & T latex-looking clothes can be bought, for example, here.

3 thoughts on “(Fetish?) fashion, latex leggings and Dasha Zhukova”

  1. i especially love the black pantyhose and the leotard best shown on this pic /blog/wp/wp-content/uploads/2009/03/d_zhukova-16.jpg

  2. Strange that only the latex-like-wet-look leggings have taken the world, no other piece of clothes made from this kind of material has not become popular.

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