Pret-a-porte, Fetish Fashion and Gareth Pugh

g-pugh-02Graphic figures clad in tight latex, lycra, high heels and latex hoods. Who can that be? It’s Gareth Pugh again. I have finally found the video from Gareth’s fashion show!

Despite anything, the collection looks quite wearable. At least I would wear that!

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2 thoughts on “Pret-a-porte, Fetish Fashion and Gareth Pugh”

  1. Really?! You’d wear this stuff as it comes?!

    Good grief! There are indeed some very sexy clothes in this set, but the outer garments… well, perhaps I’m a little convential and boring (says me – who dresses in pantyhose and lycra, gags, stuffs enemas and butt plugs up my ass and ties myself up), but not for me these b-movie alien wanna be’s.

    Good, but wierd 😉

    What I want know is how these ‘designers’ can go up to some of the most beautiful women in the world and say:

    “Darling, I want to encase you in latex, pull your hair through a rubber hood and get you to walk in the highest heeled shoes in front of hundreds of people, OK?”

    Now that’s gotta be a fun job!


  2. If I were a woman ….
    …. I’d wear much more weird stuff then I have being a man.

    I’m not a very brave person, but I wear pantyhose with shorts, shiny pantyhose with capri and all kinds of very visible pantyhose under jeans. I wore latex visibly. I wore latex surf-suit with shiny pantyhose underneath and roller-skated around the city.

    One night (after Europerve in 2001) I was returning home at 3AM wearing latex catsuit, latex gloves and high heels (actually just like on the picture on the front page of the site less the hood). One guy on a bicycle was swarming around but he did not say anything.

    So…. It’s all in our heads… 😉

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