Business trip. Night 3. Pantyhose single-glove

shiny pantyhose single-glove Being exhausted after the previous night (see post 1 and post 2) I did not plan for anything serious. Actually, I was going to postpone any self-bondage activity for a day and sleep out.

Having this thought in mind and telling to myself:

“Nah, I’m barely alive, I want to sleep, naked, the rest can wait till tomorrow, no, I’m not going to play tonight, no fetish clothing, just sleep”,

I was rummaging through the bags and produced the following:

  • “nur die” Transparent 15den shiny pantyhose (legs)
  • Sanpellegrino crimson fishnet pantyhose (legs)
  • Albert Heijn Mattglanz 15 den shiny pantyhose (arms)
  • an unknown stocking (head)
  • green pantyhose not-produced-anymore-don’t-remember-the-brand (single-glove)
  • Wolford stringbody “Individual Skin”
  • latex penis shaped gag on a strap
  • long silicone butt-plug
  • ropes

First came the crotch rope. The rope was too long, so had to invent something new. (more to come). The problem was to make in-focus photos of the crotch rope. The camera tended to focus on the bed instead of me. The idea of the crotch rope was to prevent any stimulation and completely conceal the huge butt-plug.

Then I secured one leg of the green pantyhose between the door and the door frame, “applied” the gag and bound my legs.

Next step is described in “Pantyhose single-glove“.

I ran out of both energy and ideas and went to the bed dressed like on the picture, gagged, plugged and with tightly bound elbows. I woke up several times just to remove another “waking” piece of the “outfit”. But basically almost everything “survived” till morning.

Now I would like to hear your ideas, comments and scenarios on how to proceed. For example:

  • use ice-locked pantyhose time-release method and lock the arms’ part of the single-glove to the ankle ring to create a hog tie.
    Two problems:

    • that will not make the bondage inescapable
    • it would be very difficult to lock a padlock from inside of the pantyhose
  • lock the upper part of the single-glove pantyhose to the door with the ice-lock and use wrist coil/cinch-noose inside of the pantyhose
    • you will not be able to get outside of the single-glove until you get to the knife, get the knife inside the pantyhose and cut the rope
    • you will not be able to get to the knife until the ice melts and release the upper part of the pantyhose

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