Bed-post as a butt-plug selfbondage anchorThe idea is based upon this technique. I bet you guessed what you are supposed to do with that thing on the picture? If not, see the zoomed-in version below ;-)

OK, now the description.

  • put on your favourite selfbondage clothes with a suitable hole in front of your rear entrance
  • use lot’s of lube
  • prepare an ice-lock
  • prepare an enema bag with a nasty liquid
  • drop a knife on the floor nearby
  • bind your legs
  • mount the bed-post
  • tie yourself down to the bed use the ice-lock
  • tie the pulling cord with a cinch noose down to the bed using a very simple knot, you should be able to untie it with your hands bound behind your back
  • connect the enema bag to a piss gag (ideally, a latex hood with built-in piss gag)
  • insert your wrists into the wrist-coil and cinch with the cinch noose

This is it. Now let’s have a look at the full picture:

  • you have the huge bed post inside your anus
  • you can try to use you muscles and keep yourself at the narrowest part, but I doubt that your muscles are that strong
  • the orb will not go too deep inside, because of the wooden bed back (or whatever it’s called)
  • you can get off that butt-plug, because you are tied down to the bed
  • as soon as the ice melts you will be able to “let it go”
  • to get eventually free you need to go down to the floor, untie the pulling cord and crawl to the knife
  • but as soon as your level get lower than the enema, you will have to enjoy the drink

Actually, I tried to use this scenario during my second night, but the bed post was too large for me (~7cm) and I could not get it in (unlike Patrick Andraste ;-) So I had to dismiss this idea and use another one.