Business trip. Night 2. Bed-post-butt-plug-self-bondage-scenario

Bed-post as a butt-plug selfbondage anchorThe idea is based upon this technique. I bet you guessed what you are supposed to do with that thing on the picture? If not, see the zoomed-in version below 😉

OK, now the description.

  • put on your favourite selfbondage clothes with a suitable hole in front of your rear entrance
  • use lot’s of lube
  • prepare an ice-lock
  • prepare an enema bag with a nasty liquid
  • drop a knife on the floor nearby
  • bind your legs
  • mount the bed-post
  • tie yourself down to the bed use the ice-lock
  • tie the pulling cord with a cinch noose down to the bed using a very simple knot, you should be able to untie it with your hands bound behind your back
  • connect the enema bag to a piss gag (ideally, a latex hood with built-in piss gag)
  • insert your wrists into the wrist-coil and cinch with the cinch noose

This is it. Now let’s have a look at the full picture:

  • you have the huge bed post inside your anus
  • you can try to use you muscles and keep yourself at the narrowest part, but I doubt that your muscles are that strong
  • the orb will not go too deep inside, because of the wooden bed back (or whatever it’s called)
  • you can get off that butt-plug, because you are tied down to the bed
  • as soon as the ice melts you will be able to “let it go”
  • to get eventually free you need to go down to the floor, untie the pulling cord and crawl to the knife
  • but as soon as your level get lower than the enema, you will have to enjoy the drink

Actually, I tried to use this scenario during my second night, but the bed post was too large for me (~7cm) and I could not get it in (unlike Patrick Andraste 😉 So I had to dismiss this idea and use another one.

8 thoughts on “Business trip. Night 2. Bed-post-butt-plug-self-bondage-scenario”

  1. True. Will try again next time when I’m there.
    I wonder how long it will take me to get used to such a size. I will have no more than 4 nights 😉

  2. Be careful with that beast. That ball looks big enough to cause compression ischemia, even if it eventually goes in without tearing anything.

  3. Just in case for those of us who are not familiar with the terms:

    Ischemia is insufficient blood supply or flow of blood to any area of the body. This restriction results in a lack of proper oxygen an nutrients, leading to tissue damage or dysfunction. Ischemia may be caused by atherosclerosis, blood clots, blood vessel constriction, congenital heart defects, embolism, head injury, low blood pressure (hypotension), sickle-cell disease, stroke, tachycardia, or certain tumors, as well as other circumstances and conditions.

  4. Other circumstances and conditions can include putting something way too big into your rectum.

    A few years back, a 20-something guy checked into our emergency room with a regulation softball lodged in his behind. He said something about an unfortunate accident — tripping, falling. Whatever.

    His wife said that sometimes he “got a little wild”.

    The trauma surgeon had to go in through his abdominal wall to “deliver” the ball. The guy and his softball did well in surgery and recovered fully after about 3 months.

    For more than you ever wanted to know, here’s the standard reference for “Foreign Body Extraction”

  5. What a fantastic article! Thanks much DF!
    Actually the whole book is fantastic. Just in case (if tinyurl goes titsup), the book is called “Emergency medicine procedures” by By Eric Reichman and Robert Rutha Simon and contains 1529 pages.

  6. I have handcuffs and leg irons which I use for self punishment restraint. I have a retention catheter and inflate this first and when in a hotel, try to have a bed or post high enough to deliver a warm enema. A rigid coat hanger is perfect for securing the bag I like surgical tape and sanitary pads for a quiet evening. This is a hygienic way to spend a serene evening. I once lost the key and was glad that I could get my blindfold off and find a hair pin. After 1 and 1/2 hours of trying, I got the handcuffs off. The biggest fright was that the maid service tried to come into the room for turndown service. Fortunitley, I had the double lock secured.

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