fetish latex outfit high heelsLet’s return to the subject of introducing your partner to the World of Fetish. Some necessary steps have been mentioned here. But one step is missing. You do need to show your partner how beautiful, exciting, alluring, seducing she (or he!) may (would? will?) look in this or that latex outfit, or with her or his elbows tightly bound…

I used to keep a special archive with the right, proper, collected over years and carefully selected photos and drawings just for introducing my fetishes (or what I have in my mind). Fortunately, there is a team of dedicated “fetishists” who make this hard work for you.

Fetish Buzz is a site dedicated to fetish (mostly latex) fashion and highly recommended for browsing TOGETHER with your partner. (This is what my wife and I were doing during the last hour ;-)

Begin with the top menu: Photographer review, Model review and Fetish in media (yes, in that sequence) Then, if the reaction is positive proceed to the blogs.

If it’s negative, you should seriously think about mmmm…. something.

On the photo: Industrial Girl