Old yards, session in black and naughty imagination

Old town black pantyhoseWhat can you find in old backyards? Garbage, graffiti, abandoned garages, bars, rusty locks, strange holes, metal constructions resembling St. Andrew’s cross, and…

A red-head girl, dressed in all black: satin skirt, high heeled boots, black pantyhose and a coat. What if she was bound, gagged and locked behind one of these bars? Like the poor girl in the data centre? Will she be discovered and (or?) rescued?

The imagination begins its drilling work? Is she kidnapped and kept as a prisoner? Is she a willing “victim” and enjoy being strapped down to one of those old gas-pipes with something buzzing to keep her interested?

And the next step (as always in my case) Any brave self-bondagers up to outdoor sessions 😉 ?

Photos by Nikolay Ugolnikov (Николай Угольников):

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