Why men do not wear pantyhose

Updated on Jan 03, 2012 @ 16:40: The “hairy explanation” has been proved!

Usually I keep my legs hairless and epilate (never shave!) them every second or third day. But the end of the last year was overly busy and tiresome, and I did not have time to even shave my face 😀

The result? I hated pantyhose. Really. I could not stand them on my skin. So itchy and scratchy and filthy looking… Absolutely disgusting. Latex was even worse (if not lubricated).

And on Jan 01 (probably the most quiet and relaxing day) I squeezed the remnants of “Veet” crème on the most sensitive parts and then, after washing and drying the skin, with a deep breath switched an epilator on…. Yeah, it was painful… Just like 15 years ago when I pulled out the “pricks” out of my legs for the first time.

But what a result! ;-P I’m back! In pantyhose!

Published on Jan 22, 2009 @ 0:32:
It just came to my mind… Because they have hairy legs and delicate nylon looks & feels disgusting on hairy legs! This is obvious!!! (See the previous post).

All the homophobic crap has no valid reasons. Out of curiosity I looked through dozens of various homo magazines and “The Butt” collection for many years – I haven’t seen a single picture of a man or a boy wearing stockings or pantyhose. This myth is busted.

6 thoughts on “Why men do not wear pantyhose”

  1. Oh, I love shaving. I don’t know how guys can wear pantyhose and NOT shave. It looks awful and doesn’t feel as AMAZING. Everyone should shave. The feeling alone is worth it.

  2. if wearing men and women should shave or at least use hair removal cream hairy legs and hose is a no go for me

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