To shave or not to shave?

I bet nobody will object that smooth clothes (e.g. nylon, latex stockings, pantyhose, etc) feels much better on hairless legs than on hairy ones. The FAQ (the last time I’ve seen this question asked was in the Bound forum) is: how to tell you wife, friends in the gym, etc.

Let’s begin with the gym.

My personal experience shows that nobody notices and nobody cares. Unless there is a person who is “in the theme”. Also, it’s common for sportsmen to get rid of body hair.

How do you tell your wife? If she’s not “in the theme” and does not know about your wearing pantyhose, here’s a list of my real reasons:

  • hair itches (my skin is very sensitive, this is one of the reason I wear pantyhose 24×7)
  • aesthetically I hate hairy legs, they look dirty
  • clothes (especially the clothes, associated with sport and especially fetish) pinch and pull the hair
  • often hair grows under the skin (not that the removing will solve the problem, but it makes such places visible)

Other reasons, that may work for you:

  • hair is not compatible with sport associated with speed and naked skin
  • everybody removed their hair, I’m the last one
  • just wanted to try what it looks/feels like, what do you think?
  • I lost a bet

Any other reasons?

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