Don’t confuse latex with lycra

Here’s an example (kudos to What do you think the models are wearing on these photos:

norma_kamali_leggings1 norma_kamali_leggings2

Latex stockings? Latex tights? Wrong. The says “OMO Norma Kamali black leggings”. Google crosses all the “t”‘s.

norma_kamali_leggings3 Lycra leggings €134.00

(definitely can be bought here cheaper, though)

Black lycra leggings. Norma Kamali for Everlast leggings has an elasticated waistband and horizontal vents across heel. 96% polyester, 4% spandex. Hand wash.

Ha-ha… Now I doubt that Alessandra Ambrossio was caught wearing latex. And the shine on her legs looks very suspicious… No, I’m not saying that the leggings are bad, quite the contrary, but they are not made out of latex.

norma_kamali_leggings4Same leggings in white (kudos to TeenVogue)

And a couple of pics of Rachel Bilson from Teen Vogue:

rachel_bilson-in-wetlook-leggings-02 rachel_bilson-in-wetlook-leggings-01

rachel_bilson-in-wetlook-leggings-03 rachel_bilson-in-wetlook-leggings-04

Don’t eat that yellow snow. And don’t trust photos.

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