Shiny pantyhose, blue leotard and back to the 80’s or comfortable fetish clothes

Aerobics is a known fetish trigger. Lots “discovered” their shiny pantyhose + leotard addiction back in the 80’s, when aerobics was enormously popular.

But what makes this fetish special is that this kind of clothes is also very comfortable (unlike other well-known fetishes like high heels, latex, zentai, corsets, various bondage stuff) and suitable for various sport and non-sport activities. Not only or aerobics, fitness and ballet. From, for example, running/jogging, volleyball, tennis, martial arts (like in ballet, it’s very important to see the correct and actual position of body parts) to usual street and home clothes and pyjamas.

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See 17 photos from So Shiny. BTW, it turned out that we (me and the owner of the site) have quite a few fetishes in common, besides pantyhose and swimsuits 😉

Thanks for pointing to Nylonator (Google+)

4 thoughts on “Shiny pantyhose, blue leotard and back to the 80’s or comfortable fetish clothes”

  1. What pantyhose do you think these are? (and leotard looks good too for that matter)

  2. Very nice pics not sure the brand but love the shine. bought a thong bottom leotard paired it with my Fiore 40 den cappuccino shade hose


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