What do you see in your dreams? Part I. Sweet pantyhose dreams

What do you see in your dreams? Anything fetish or bondage related? Tell us in this forum thread.

This is what I “saw” a couple of nights ago.

It was a grey day somewhere between winter and spring, when the snow is almost gone, but occasional frost is not rare. I entered a subway station, and immediately noticed Her, my former madness, obsession, mindblowing girlfriend.

She was dressed in a fluffy coat (or a long jacket) with a hood, jeans and short boots. All in yellowish-greenish-brown colours you usually can find in a forest during the warm sunny days, when leaves are yet barely visible, but trees are already enveloped in warm-young-green-toned mist.

I hope, you get the picture. She adjusted a bag strap on her shoulder and suddenly I noticed that … her hands were encased in very thin, probably 8den, very sheer slightly shimmering brown pantyhose! The toes were not reinforced so her slender fingers with polished nails looked bare, but if you look closely they were caught in a tight transparent shiny membrane.

It was so touching, cute, pure, innocent and yet unbearably erotic and fetishy, so I … woke up.

One thought on “What do you see in your dreams? Part I. Sweet pantyhose dreams”

  1. I rarely have fetishey dreams. More like totally screwball stuff like my subconscious is randomly splicing together film clips at random from my imagination and memories.

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